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Small Business Lessons I learned at each Career Stop

High School Math Teacher – Newport, R. I.

  1. Short attention span
    • I had to get my students attention immediately or lose them
    • You have 7 seconds to grab your prospects attention or you will lose them
  2. Why should I care
    • My students were constantly asking “What does learning Math have to do with my future?”
    • Your prospects always ask themselves “What’s in it for me?”
  3. Hungry for guidance
    • As much as my students complained, they were desperately looking for someone who cared about their future and was willing to help them get there
    • Imagine how many people are looking for someone to address a problem that you solve

Software Sales Executive – Boston, MA  

  1. Short attention span
    • My prospects always had pressing issues they had to solve, I had to grab their attention immediately or I would lose them
    • Your prospects also have pressing issues they have to solve, you must grab their attention immediately or you will lose them
  2. Don’t tell me what it does, tell me how it will make my business better
    • Prospects were not interested in what it did but how it would make their job easier
    • I don’t care how proud you are of your product or service, your prospects don’t care; first, you must tell them how it will improve their situation
  3. Change is difficult
    • Senior execs wanted to improve their companies as long as they did not have to change
    • If ‘doing nothing’ is a viable option for your prospects, then ‘doing nothing’ is your biggest competitor

Raise $ for 3 U.S. Companies – India  

  1. Short attention span
    • High-Net-Worth individuals, Investment Bankers, and VCs were easily distracted unless you grabbed their attention immediately, they were polite but non-attentive
    • Your prospects are also easily distracted, grab their attention immediately or don’t bother
  2. Bored with cookie-cutter money pitch
    • They resented having to sit through the same ‘investment’ pitch deck over and over
    • If you sound similar to your competitors, your prospects will tune you out; you must sound different from the beginning
  3. Want to be excited
    • Money people are hungry for someone to get them excited with something new
    • Even if your product/service has been around a while, you can still excite your prospects with a new approach to using it

Mentor to CEOs – Long Beach, CA  

  1. Short attention span
    • CEOs were constantly bombarded with interruptions about their latest crisis, I had to constantly remind them why we were meeting
    • Your prospects are constantly bombarded with their personal distractions, you have to constantly remind them of the value you are delivering
  2. Cater to egos
    • Each CEO thought that they were the best at what they did and that their company was like no other
    • Your prospects/clients believe that they are the best at what they do, you must make them feel special
  3. Driven by results
    • Unless you showed potential quantifiable results, they were polite but not interested in continuing the conversation
    • Unless you show each prospect potential quantifiable results, they will not be interested in continuing the conversation

Business Growth Maverick – Palm Springs, CA  

  1. Short Attention Span
    • Your prospect has a 7-second attention span, less than that of a goldfish
    • If you don’t grab them in 7 seconds, they will be polite but tune you out
  2. Buyer is in control
    • Since the 2007 introduction of the iPhone, your prospect is in control of your sales cycle
    • Many times they will know just about all they need to know before they contact you
  3. The buyer does not care about Benefits
    • Describing features and selling benefits is so 1999
    • Spotlighting the Results you deliver is the main thing your Prospects care about today

101 Small Business Mastermind Podcast – Palm Springs, CA

  1. Three reasons why they make millions and you don’t
    • They are Unapologetic
    • They are Unforgettable
    • They are Irresistible
  2. Being a successful entrepreneur is a skill you learn; it is not something you are born with
    • Anyone who is willing to do the work can learn these 3 skills
    • Misfits, Stay-at-home-Moms, and Seniors make excellent entrepreneurs.

     3. Being Different is Better than being Better

    • Be Obviously Different or be Ignored
    • If you’re not Obviously Different, you’re obviously just a commodity

Be UnComparable Movement – Palm Springs, CA

  1. Be UnComparable or be Ignored
    • People notice differences and ignore the usual.
  2. If you’re not UnComparable, you’re obviously just a commodity
    • People are starving for new and different solutions to old problems
  3. Being UnComparable is something you were born with
    • Unlearn Boring: You weren’t boring as a child
    • Stop being boring as an adult


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