My Philosophy


To grow your business – you must Get these 4 Gets

  1. Get Different
    • Everybody claims that they are better than their competition
    • Prospects are only interested in
      1. how you are different
      2. how that difference makes you more valuable to me
  2. Get Noticed
    • Until you get the prospect’s attention, you are irrelevant; prospects do not buy Irrelevant
    • Prospects are excellent at ignoring noise, which is the method most businesses use to get attention
      1. You have 7 seconds to get noticed or you will be ignored
      2. You must interrupt whatever is going on in their mind
  3. Get Heard
    • Once you get their attention, they will try to dismiss you as offering something they either don’t want or don’t need
    • You must communicate something that they don’t expect, so that they think:
      1. Is that even possible?”
      2. I want to hear more
  4. Get Desired
    • Now that you have been noticed and they want to hear more, this is where most small businesses blow it – because they go back to the way they presented in 1999
    • Prospects today want to be these 3 things:
      1. Entertained – keep my interest
      2. Enlightened – teach me something I did not know but I am glad that I do now
      3. Fascinated – make me ask, “Can you do that for me?”