My Philosphy

If you're not Obviously Different, you're obviously just a commodity


Clients do not do business with businesses, they do business with people. You are your business. To be successful you do not need to change who you are; you just have to be more of who you are. You are the one thing your competitors cannot duplicate. You are the Prize


There are lots of people who would benefit from what you do. They could be in your neighborhood, your area and they are definitely online. You do not have to pursue them; you just have to be discovered by them. When they find you, they will pursue you to find out more


You must stop using those old, tired and unflattering presenting and closing techniques. Today, your best prospects resent that. Instead of selling, fascinate them. When you do, there are no objections, there is no hassle about your fees, and they just ask “How soon can we start?”

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